Wanting to work out of San Francisco, I joined their AIGA chapter. After that, I reached out to the Executive Director of San Francisco’s Design Week, Dawn Zidonis. I connected with Dawn, and after we chatted for a while, we came up with the idea to help recent grads and seniors find jobs and mentors in a program during design week. We brainstormed on the name, but we eventually landed on HireMe. This happened during design week 2021, which was from June 7-13.

Many people involved in the development of this event, and they each helped make it what it is today. So, I would like to thank Julia Fernandez, Maria Huffine and Paula Linares Cruz. The development went through multiple stages, and Julia finally had a solution and finalized the logo. I can’t believe one conversation has led to all of this! I’m very excited to be involved, and there has been a lot to learn. HireMe is now an annual mentorship program that will be used everyday during design week. The collateral created for this year’s event is below, along with each link to help follow along. So, you can keep up with HireMe and San Francisco’s Design Week here and here.

Senior Capstone Progress