Packaging & Design

The Roaring 20s, a decade of fun.


The goal of this project was to create an understanding of packaging and branding and how it relates to certain eras. I chose to use the 1920s, because of its popularity at the time. I think that the stories of how African-American neighborhoods used clubs and got their beer through other various means. The brand name that I chose is called Speakesasy’s. The carousel shows the progression of my labelling and logo progression. I ended up going with the black label and I wanted to keep it stylized with my final logo as well.


ln the photos below I wanted to showcase the design work and the comparison in the before and after. I put a larger emphasis on the labels and packaging as a whole. It was a point to showcase the linework on the inside of the packaging as well. I spray painted my caps to match my design, and I think that it pulled it together really well.

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