Everyone likes journalism right?

A relatively new organization, The Southern Miss Association of Black Journalists (SMABJ) was created to give black artists, journalists, videographers, etc. a platform and a way to be involved throughout media and the community. Heads up, don’t let the name fool you. We’re not limited to one race, so I would say for anyone interested to join. USM journalism is a great way to join the local community.

I was invited to join this organization because I would be a great addition to the team and what they represent. For me though, I’ll always have my own opinions, but I still would like to be involved and help lead where and when I can. There are many opportunities to joining, and it has a family feeling.

Being a member, I know that it can be a little hard to be involved often, because of my schedule. I still do what I can to support. Everyone plays an important part in growing and helping the organization throughout the community and its media presence for members.

I was hesitant to join at first, not because I didn’t like it, but because of my schedule. In the end, it worked itself out after all, and I’m glad to have accepted the invite.

The club has grown exponentially, and members have had many opportunities arise because of their membership. The most important part is having the ability to be more involved.